Sunday, January 15, 2012

Do You Believe in Possession? A True Story

When I was in tenth grade my best friend went to Portugal for a month during the summer.  Her health had been slightly off, so I was surprised her family was taking her on such a long trip. 

When she came home she had on a new gold necklace with a locket and a bracelet with some charms on it.  When I asked her what was in the locket, she told me she would rather not talk about it.  Eventually she talked. 

She told me a priest in Portugal gave them to her after her exorcism to keep away the devils.  He told her she had been possessed by several demons, and she should wear the charms at all times, and never open the locket. 

She told me her relatives kept her in her room for several days and nights, and she could hear chanting in a language she could not understand through the walls.  She said the night before the exorcism she could understand.

The next day her family brought her to a cave, and the priest began a prayer and that is the last thing she remembers.  They told her she fell backwards like she had fainted, and her head was bent so far back they thought she would break her neck.  Her stomach began to rise and fall, and when her eyes fluttered like she might be waking,  all four people there could not lift her.

They told her the priest said one of the spirits haunting her was someone her own father had harmed in a business transaction, and this was its way of doing him harm.

On a rainy, boring Saturday as we sat in her room she decided to open the locket.

Inside was a tiny ladder, a lightning bolt, some white cloth, dust or dirt, a cross, and several other items I cannot remember.  She poured them out in her palm, and as she was examining them she shook her hand and remarked they had burned her.  She told me they left red marks on her hand but would not show me.  I was scared and went home. 

I remember her thinking the devil was after her, and her boyfriend and I would tease her and try and scare her. 

She got sicker and sicker from an ailment that was never quite figured out, and eventually passed away from what the doctors said was Wilson's disease.

A few years after that her boyfriend fell off of a second story balcony and broke his neck.  He has been in a wheelchair ever since.

I called her in the hospital in NYC a few days before she died and her mother would not let me speak to her on the phone, but I heard her voice in the background.  Her once friendly, happy voice sounded like knives being dragged down a chalkboard, and I will never forget it.

Did she die from a disease?  Was she possessed?  Did the items in her charm actually burn her hand?  The timing of all the events was amazing, and I am still scared of the devil probably more than I should be.  There is a part of me that feels I should not be writing this, that I should leave it alone.  Do you think I should be scared?

Someone who read my book 100 Unfortunate Days said talent is usually called a gift from God, she said my book might be the one case it is not true.  One reviewer wrote she could not sleep for nights after reading it and had to stop.  Here is that review:

"I began reading 100 Unfortunate Days over a month ago. I read more than half, late at night, in one sitting. I felt an immediate kinship with the protagonist. I asked myself, had Crowe inexplicably been inside my head extracting images? Or had the worms squished their way inside, muddying up my brain? I had an uneasy feeling that the worms were already there, dormant, and 100 Unfortunate Days disturbed them. That night I had a dream or a vision of an old ghost-man smiling at me, on the verge of a laugh, at the foot of my bed. I didn't read any more for 7 days. Then i read a bit past day 75. This time i was visited by a demon troll who tried to take away my breath as i slept. I didn't read again for 14 days. I finished it today and I agree with Crowe, there should be a disclaimer before Day 1 because I am fairly certain that parts of this book may have been infected by the devil and in turn may contaminate you. That's balderdash, right? Maybe. If you are a skeptic and take this work as pure fiction from a very talented, highly imaginative authoress, go ahead and turn the page...and wish me luck tonight while i sleep..."

Maybe I will add that disclaimer...
I don't want to believe in the devil, but I may have to say that I do...

Protection from St. Michael--you may need it after this post:


  1. Interesting. Do you know anything about Wilson's Disease? Can definitely mimic possession; difficulty walking, extension of body in weird and seemingly impossible ways; mental and behavioral changes; stomach distention; jerky movements; uncontrollable movements; delirium etc...One movie I found fascinating was the Exorcism of Emily Rose. Was she possessed? Was she a saint? Or did she have psychotic epilepsy? This reminds me of that movie. Possession and the Devil is something I have struggled with as well being raised Catholic. And I suppose if you beleive in one, the other naturally follows. I will not have an oijua board in my house. But I do read Tarot cards and some people will have you believe that that leads to possession even though Tarot is a psychological tool. Who knows?

  2. I became familiar with Wilson's disease after my friend's death. I agree that cerain diseases can make someone seem possessed.
    As for the Exorcism of Emily Rose--first of all is scared the HELL out of me--no pun intended--and after praying for my friend to get well and have all these circumstances go along with it, possession is something I cannot completely discount. No Ouija here either, and I got rid of my cards just because I was scared of them too.
    I'd like to know what you think of the book when you are done.
    Hope you are feeling well Malina.

  3. Wow! Very creepy! I will have to check out this book, but not because I wish to be visited. Perhaps I'll read it during the day. ;)
    Sorry I haven't been by in a while, Penelope. Hope you are well.


  4. Hi Jimmy--glad to hear from you :)
    I don't want you to be visited either!
    Gosh I hope you like the book...
    Hope you are well too.

  5. Okay, now I am totally creeped out. *Pulls blanket over head*

  6. Ok read the blog, then read the book and posted the comment above. That same night I am sleeping in my hotel room, away from home and awoke promptly at 2:20 am (Thank you whomever is out there it was not 3:00 am or I might have lost my mind).Turned the light on and did not get a wink of sleep for the rest of the night. Three nights later woke up at 3:00 am but my husband was there with me then. Totally, totally creepy......

  7. No way Malina...

    I think I AM going to take your advice and put this post in front with a warning...

    Maybe it really needs one...

  8. You have to believe in the Christian concept of the devil in order to believe in, well, the devil ;)

    Let me be the voice of a non-Christian...I don't believe in possession by "the devil" or "a demon". HOWEVER, as a pagan I believe in reincarnation. Our souls/spirits/whatever you wanna call it leave our bodies upon death and go to a waiting place for the next life. From this waiting place, I believe it is possible for spirits of the dead who embodied everything evil and wrong in life (such as serial killers) CAN manipulate living people. Humans are so flawed; easily controlled by their own beliefs and fears. Just a little whispering from an angry, vengeful spirit and the human can act in such a way that would seem like possession...

    The fact of the matter is, a strong will and beliefs can protect one from such a thing :)

    Just one lil ole hedgewitch's two cents.

  9. The concept of evil is interesting.
    Whether a devil, satan, or spirit, the entire thing leaves me scared.
    Heather--do you think if we do things and act a certain way these darker, underworld spirits would be more inclined to find us?
    Thanks for the input Heather. Part of me believes that too...

    1. Certainly, yes. If you leave yourself open to being preyed upon, it's more likely you will be. (and heck, this works in any aspect of life -- like the girl who crosses a dark parking lot while texting instead of being aware of her surroundings). Knowing the dangers -- being aware -- always does more to protect you.

  10. Ah! I did know you from somewhere, Penelope. I visited this blog several weeks ago when contemplating whether to post about possession. Very cool that you found me! Small world. Or Triberr? Either way, good post. I'm so very sorry about your friend. I hope you're okay. As you know, I 100% believe in this. In fact, I'm writing about it. Keep in touch. Sky. xo


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