FREE Sample from 100 Unfortunate Days

Day 1

The pain behind my eye reminds me I have worms in my brain. Not a few, but millions. They have no room to multiply and are either dying or boring their way through to another part of my skull. If a doctor were to ask me what my symptoms were I could say there is pressure in my head from an overpopulation of spirochetes. Sometimes I can’t think straight—and I get nervous. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because my dreams go wrong. Like last night’s dream. I was having a delightful breakfast…steaming hot tea poured from an English service, light muffins with sweet butter, thin Swedish pancakes dusted with sugar and currants all situated on perfectly ironed linen on a balcony overlooking a garden. And then my teacup cracked. The linen darkened with soot and grease. Small crawling insects found my food and fell onto my lap. Shriveling and curling in at the edges, the pancakes turned black, yet I still wanted to eat them—but if I ate them the man at the train station would stop waiting and turn and start to walk to find me. Even if it were late at night, way past my bedtime, he would suddenly know where I was and need to get me—and that would not be a good thing. He would make his way closer, his face getting redder and redder, and I would hide behind whatever door I could find because I could hear him breathing. He doesn’t need a knife but sometimes he carries one.
There are three times in 24 hours when you have to be nervous. Some people know about these times, and some don’t. Some get a feeling, but they don’t know what’s wrong. The first time is when you wake up in the morning. The mornings are bad, but I can’t tell you the reason. The second time is right before you fall asleep. Anything that wants to get you has a pretty good chance of doing it at this time. These things wait and have far more patience than you or I. You are completely vulnerable at this time. Sometimes you think you’re awake when you have already drifted. You have no ability to discern what you’re allowing in or keeping out. And an invitation is an invitation after all. Once they are in, they don’t necessarily make themselves known right away. They can wait for hours, or days. They can wait years.
This brings us to the third time, in the black of night. In the middle of your dream cycle. When you are dead asleep. And something is going on. Something is infiltrating your mind and your soul and your psyche but you’re unaware of it. So you wake up. Sometimes you think it was just a nightmare. You wake up scared and your heart is pounding and you are covered in sweat. And you tell yourself again, it’s just a dream. But why does the TV decided at that very moment to reset itself? Why does it shut off now…or turn on? Why does the dog wake up and start pacing around the house? Why does your son wake up and call you? You didn’t make any noise—none. You just opened your eyes and looked around because you were scared. Something is there with you, and you know it, but you talk yourself out of it. And what’s worse is you try and go back to sleep. A little crack is formed for the worms to get in—and they do. And after this, you never feel the same ever again.

Day 23

Once there was a little girl. She went into her grandmother’s special cabinet and took out all the scarves. Some were bright pink with gold coins sewn to them, some were square and some were rectangular, one had the bright eyes of many foxes, but all were silk. She knew the scarves were magic, and she brought them outside with a basket of clothes pins. She hung the scarves on the weeping willow tree in the back yard…all around the low-hanging outside branches, and formed a beautiful house with windows and a big door that opened and closed. As she clipped the last pin to the last scarf the house filled with gold furniture, and the fox jumped off the scarf and became her pet. She could hear music in her head and could light fire with her fingertips. She looked up into the night sky and she knew how old the stars were. Her eyes were the clear green of the ocean and she did not have to blink. She knew all the languages of the world and as she lay on the ground the earth swallowed her. It held her as she slept and in the morning she left her scarf house with the fox and went in to the woods. She took her pocket knife and carved her name in a tree that grew the wood that would someday form her coffin. She cut her hand on the knife and her blood dropped on the ground. A crow flew down from the sky and landed at her feet near the blood. “Go home.” it said and flew away. She followed a trail of poisonous mushrooms deeper into the woods and fell to her knees at the sight of the moon in the distance. She closed her eyes and went home to her silk house. Her parents missed her very much and her grandmother was not even mad anymore that she played with her scarves without asking. But she did not know this, and she did not miss them. She cut the lemon tart that was her breakfast and picked raspberries from the bush next to the weeping willow tree. One day she missed her parents and she went home, but they did not know her…she was not a little girl any more.

Day 39

One part of my town turns pink at dusk. Not a pretty highlighter pink, but muddy thick pink, and you have to get back to your house before the sun sets. There are no vampires as far as I know, but people get lost during this time. People stare at you for a little too long as you go past them on the street. Their eyes look a little too big. So you walk a little faster and you can’t find your girlfriend. And then you see her but she is crawling up the street toward you like a spider. Her head is on upside down and she can walk very fast now because she has eight legs and you can hear her scurry. Her body is twisted backwards and she sees you and you can’t move as she watches you with eight eyes as she walks by. In your mind you wonder if you will ever be able to taste candy again, or see anything except pink.

Day 43

Pick the symbol you like the most:
1. *
2. #
3. @
4. &
5. ?
6. %
7. +
8. !
9. {
10. }
This is what the symbols mean:
1. If you picked the * you have the ability to read minds sometimes. Sometimes you can tell when the phone is about the ring, and sometimes you can even tell who is on the other end of the phone. Sometimes women find you confusing. You say you are going to do something but you really don’t mean it.
2. If you chose # then you are smarter than you think you are. You also have a really big secret that you want to tell people but if you actually told them they would think you were weird. You love iced tea and you had a really odd nickname in school.
3. Choosing this symbol @ means you love to drive and fly in planes. You have also contemplated cutting yourself with a knife or burning yourself with matches—not a lot, but just enough to see what it feels like. Maybe one or two of you have actually done it. You like the Beatles and have them on your iPod.
4. The & symbol means you are more spiritual or religious than you will openly admit. There is a part of you that wants to tell everyone how much you love your god, but you are afraid they will think you are freaky. You like to swim in the ocean and you like the smell of burning punks in the summer. You hate mosquitoes.
5. Liking the ? is not as obvious as you thought. You are not necessarily confused but you do want a lot of things that you can’t have right now…like a new car. You also wish you could be in better shape. You love jelly beans, especially the red ones, and you like to gamble.
6. The % sign is evil. You pretend you like people when you really don’t. You talk behind people’s backs. You like hamburgers and shellfish. You really are bad though.
7. The + sign means you are very organized and keep all your perfectly cut coupons in a neat little folder that you carry with you at all times. Dinner is always on the table on time, or you want it to be. You are very mean to people who are not as organized as you. The wildest you ever get is being on top.
8. Anyone that likes the ! pretends to be more optimistic than they actually are. They have contemplated suicide or at least moving away from their current life. They have some artistic ability or they like sports. If you like sports the circumference of your head is very large. You have buck teeth a little.

9. If you like the { sign you are very sentimental and live in the past. You keep stuff in little jars in your garage that normal people would throw away. You like the taste of alcohol and are allergic to something that blooms in the spring but cannot figure what it is. Old people like you.
10.If your sign is } you like to invent things—even if it is just in your head. You do not care about houseplants and would probably prefer them to die. You like toasted Wonder Bread with butter and love the smell of suntan lotion—especially Coppertone.

Day 91

We went to my aunt’s house after she died and my father told us the house was going to be torn down. It was dark and dismal and there was a room on the second floor that was filled with dolls. Dolls with cracked marble eyes and dolls whose eyes never shut. They were scary dolls in a scary room and I knew when she shut the lights off at night that the dolls got up and walked around the house. The room next door to the doll room was filled with miniature furniture. A tiny kitchen and a tiny dining room and living room. A perfect itty bitty tea set.

This is where the dolls live at midnight.



  1. That symbols list is pretty spooky LOL Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Thanks Denise :)
    Some say it is accurate--some say it does not fit at all.
    It was fun to write.
    Thanks for popping in.

  3. I would read this. And, the symbol I picked was eeriely accurate.

    1. Thanks Donna :)
      Oooo--that is interesting. Now I want to know what symbol you chose.
      It is a dark book--tell me what you think please if you ever decide to read it.

  4. I am not evil. At least, I don't mean to be...

    1. Oh no!! You chose the %!!
      Nope--not accurate here.
      Can't listen to the ramblings of a madwoman, right?

  5. I chose the # symbol. Your description fits me perfectly! :o)

  6. Ha!
    Now I am dying to know the nickname...

  7. I don't want to like this book. It's disturbing. What draws me to it is that one minute the woman says something that makes me say ' yeah, I've had that feeling/thought, and then she says something that reminds the reader that she's ill. Very well done.

    1. Thank you Anonymous--I appreciate the kind words.
      Believe it or not this was mu favorite book to write--loved every second. This dark and disturbing book made me feel light and happy. Maybe it was good to get the thoughts out of my head and somewhere else.
      Thanks for stopping in. :)


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