Sunday, February 21, 2021

I am a writer PLANNER

Well, well--it's been a minute.

Yes, I have been writing. Yes, I have been busy.

I know some that follow me are writers--and I have a planner to keep all your wonderful ideas.


I kept writing ideas on receipts and more.

After revisiting a downloaded writer's planner from 2018, my friend and writing partner Judy was pleased to see how focused she was and how much she accomplished. She realized she enjoyed the visual and the inspirational quotes in the planner. It was a sign.

She also noticed there were areas on the preprinted planner that had nothing to do with writing, like house keeping tasks and health habits. She scratched them out and replaced them with her own writing-based versions.

She called me to see if I could customize a two-page planner spread that she could print out for the coming year. 

Of course I could do that.

Within 24 hours, the idea evolved into a writing planner that we were both excited to use. Then we decided to bring it to the printer--because it was just too good to keep for ourselves.

We created this planner based solely on writing activity, after all, who wants to think about those dirty dishes in the sink or how many glasses of water you've consumed when you're spending time with your muse?

How It Works for You

*Use the Numbered Header Lines to list your top three writing focuses for the week.
*Use corresponding Numbered Boxes for your week's action steps based on writing focuses.
*Use Weekly Calendar for writing/submission deadlines, critique meetings, webinar conferences, etc.
*The Idea Catcher Page holds your new thoughts for titles, themes and story premises.
*Use Brainstorming Page to jot down all your amazing insights and inspirations.
*Record the dates and topics of the Brainstorming and Index Pages in the index.
*Pleasing and uplifting visuals and weekly inspirational quotes.

Finally! We have a place to keep our writing information.
Each book is shipped with star stickers to reward yourself when you finish a task. Larger butterfly stickers give you that dopamine hit and reward when you finish a larger project like a manuscript or submission.

Do any of you use planner? Journals? Or do you just wing it...let me know!

It's nice to be back.

110 pages. Spiral bound. Ahhhh...organization.

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