Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Delicious Revenge

Do you recall the last time someone did you wrong?

If it was a minor infraction, you were probably mad for a bit and then let it go.

If it was a bit more serious you probably had to say something, or possibly even felt like yelling a screaming a bit.  The more volatile of us may even punch something.

But if someone did something terrible to you or someone you love, or you were to witness atrocities of the innocent, chances are you would want revenge.  Not giving the evil-doer a good talking to or helping them get on the right track, most likely you would want to see them suffer.Or at least hear something relatively wicked happened to them.

We hate the endings of books or movies that leave us hanging, especially if the bad guy does not get his due.

Oh the lovely feeling of satisfaction when a cheating husband is caught, and it is even more lovely if he is caught by not only the wife, but a film crew, and his other girlfriend.  Same with a cheating wife.  Or one of those vile people who neglect or abuse their animals.  Of course we love to see the animal saved and in the arms of a new and loving owner, but it's so much better when they hunt down the abuser and he has to pay.  I think one of the reasons reality television is gaining popularity is we get to experience the satisfaction of the bad guys going down.

It does not mean we are awful to love the thought of revenge. In fact according to the following article it is unusual for a person to NOT feel vengeful when they are wronged--it is probably a sign they are repressing true feelings.


I do not think I could personally injure someone who has done me wrong, but I have never been pushed to my limits. I've attached a link to my short story Absorbed that is listed as free for the next week on Smashwords.  It is a dark and twisted tale of a love gone very wrong, with a few tricks.

Hope you like it.  :)


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tebow, Football and Sports in General--Help Me Get It!

Easter has come and gone, and I don't think I remember a bigger deal on Easter than Tim Tebow speaking at a church in Texas and drawing a crowd of approximately 15,000 people.

Tim Tebow seems like a nice guy and he certainly has received plenty of attention from his prayer pose.  But did people go to hear him speak or see their favorite football player?

I grew up an artist.  Painting, writing, drawing, singing, dancing--anything.  I was never one to be very into sports.  I had a boyfriends who was the captain of the lacrosse team in high school, but I cannot remember ever going to one of the games.  I grudgingly played tennis with my family on weekends, but would have prefered to do practically anything else.  I remember I loved playing wiffle ball on our front lawn as a kid with all the neighbors, but it was nothing serious.

I've been to football games, baseball games, basketball games, hockey games and the U.S Open.  Although I've enjoyed parts of each game, I can honestly say I was bored through most of them. 

I liked Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame--but I did not have to sit in the freezing cold for four hours or fight the crowds when the day was over.

So help me here--what is it?

What is it that makes people spend thousands of dollars for season tickets? 

Why do people spend hours to get to see Tim Tebow speak at a church on Easter Sunday?

I feel left out.  I envy everyone jumping up and down for the team they love.  But I don't feel it--but I want to.

I saw my first Yankee game when I was in the sixth grade.  I took a bus with all the other crossing guards from school--this was our special day, our reward for keeping everyone safe and working so hard.  And I LOVED that day.  It was sunny and beautiful and we ate hot dogs and yelled that the Red Sox needed washing.  I could not see a thing--we were up in the very last row.  Behind us was a window with a metal grate over it.  The wind was whipping and we could not hear a thing either.  But I got to know some new kids, and I liked that part A LOT.  So I became a Yankee fan--kinda.  I could high-five other Yankee fans in the hall now.  (I was not super-popular--so this was AWESOME!)

So I will still go to a game because I can remember that wonderful Yankee game day feeling in sixth grade.

If anybody can tell me what they love about sports I would really like to know.  I am looking forward to that high-five feeling again :)