Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Are Blue Eyed People Psychic?

Eyes are the window to soul according to some. To others they can show health or disease. The crinkles and crows feet framing the eyes and scorned by so many and removed by the rich and famous are indicators of happiness and a full life.

Eye color can change regionally, and genetics is king when it comes to how the color is determined.

Blue eyed men prefer blue eyed women, and eyes can range in color from almost white blue to black.

But does the color of your eyes mean anything? Are brown eyed people healthier and more robust? A study by Medical News Today shows that we tend to find people with brown eyes to be more trustworthy. Brown eyed people may be able to see better than light eyed people also.  The darker the eyes, the more light is absorbed as light waves pass through the eye, and the less light is available to reflect within the eye. Light reflection (scatter) within the eye can cause susceptibility to glare (eg. sun or headlights) and to poor contrast discernment. (Quarks, Quirks and Quips, 2007)

On the other side of the coin, light eyed people may have a better ability to discern color and subtleties within shades and depths. Some think that the lighter and clearer the iris of the eye appears, the healthier and more clear thinking, and possibly intuitive a person is. A woman in Hawaii chose a raw diet, and over the course of several months saw her eyes change from a soft dark brown to a sparkling and vibrant green. Watch here:

Some eyes have speckles or dots, and some people have two different color eyes. David Bowie not only has one blue eye and one green eye, but also an eternally dilated pupil from a childhood tussle.

The range of eye colors is endless, and it is said that no two eye colors are exactly the same. Some think the eyes are representative of personality and mood, a bit like horoscopes. For instance, it is said that:

*Brown eyed people tend to be strong and grounded and like the simple things in life. They are easy to be around, popular, and close to family and friends.

*Green eyed people tend to be vibrant and filled with a youthful energy. They are connected to the earth and all its creatures. Creative and loving, they are compassionate and interesting.

*People with black eyes can be very striking. They are said to be secretive, intuitive, and may have an interest in magic or mysticism. Black eyes can look sinister, beautiful, and everything in between.

*Folks with blue eyes are said to be energized by the sky, water, and electricity. Lightning storms might fascinate or freak them. Affected by mood and atmosphere, they are sensitive and easily tired.

*Hazel eyes may be a combination of all the colors, and may have a bit of each personality type. They are physically strong and may be the life of the party. Organized and clear thinking, they are idea people yet grounded.

*A few individuals have grey eyes and may be forward thinkers. They live more for the future and sacrifice happiness in the here and now for a better life down the line. They may be hard on themselves but caring to others.

*Amber or gold eyed people are accomplishment driven, and can focus very well when needed on a task. Magnetic and interesting, they can also lose their temper quickly.

A bit of fun? Maybe. But not far from the truth for some.

Eyes can delight us, seduce us, and even terrify us...and sometimes induce a combination of all three. In the tale of Dracula we are riveted by his eyes, and while drowning in their hypnotic gaze we are willingly overtaken by his blood lust.  As a child I was not afraid of Frankenstein, Godzilla, or even Jack the Ripper, but anything on television or in a book with glowing or sinister eyes did me in.
I was afraid to look out the window for fear of seeing someone under the streetlight staring into my window with a subtle smile and shining yellow eyes.

An average everyday picture can be turned into something creepy and memorable with just slight alterations to the eyes. Think about all the photos you have seen with red eye from the flash. Everyone looks slightly possessed.
The smiling boy on the box of Farina becomes a Children of the Corn horror when his eyes are whited out or turned blood red.  Our eyes give us away, also. We can all remember having a conversation with someone who was smiling and happy and telling us all the things we want to hear, but their eyes were telling us an entirely different story.

Liars give themselves away by not making eye contact during a conversation, or by various other eye motions. Read about them all here:

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is an emotional version of acupuncture that does not use needles, but instead uses a series of eye motion and tapping on body meridians to release blocks and anxieties and balance emotional disturbances. Homeopathy, acupuncture, acupressure, and other practices treat the bodies maladies and can sometimes be painful and time consuming. EFT is portable, easy to learn, and it works. It can be used to help with fears, anxieties, PTSD, and many other troubles. Read here:

Eyes tell stories, calm babies and animals, induce fear, and show love. Some eyes reveal everything, and some can't be explained. I have a creepy sister took a picture of my son in a local diner when he was about ten. We were both looking at him as the camera clicked. When we looked at the picture his eyes were covered in an odd film, kind of like lids but not quite. It made him look slightly spooky, and my sis and I looked at each other and shrugged. She took another picture and it that one was fine. She went back to erase the first creepy pic and noticed the film was gone, but his eyes were now black. We could never figure what happened, and still wonder to this day. I guess some eyes are unexplainable...

I would love to hear any eye related stories you may have. :)