Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Sanpaku Fortune Telling Superstition--Is It Based In Science?

According to a well-known Japanese term, sanpaku, which literally means "three whites", if, when looking directly ahead, white is visible above or below the pupil of the eye, a severe physical or emotional/mental imbalance is present.

According to George Ohsawa, the lower iris of a healthy newborn rests below the lower eyelid, "like a rising sun", and the eye will have two white areas on either side of the iris. (From the book You Are All Sanpaku). Supposedly, as a person becomes ill or approaches death, whether he is very young or very old, a third portion of white will show in the eye, either above or below the pupil. This condition is called sanpaku.

YIN -- White Under the Eyes

One eye can be sanpaku, and this indicates an imbalance somewhere in the body--possibly emotional stress or mild illness. Both eyes can indicate a higher level of stress. If the white area appears below the eye it is considered yin sanpaku.
It appears in drug addicts, those who are stressed and fatigued, and those who consume excess sugar and carbohydrates. It is said that the yin sanpaku an unwittingly place themselves in dangerous or threatening situations. They say the yin sanpaku can be at the mercy of the outside world, and there is something out to get you. Beware! Some famous people with yin sanpaku are Robert Pattinson, John F.Kennedy, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe.

YANG -- White Over Eyes

Another type of sanpaku reveals a yang situation, and the white or sclera appears above the pupil of the eye. Although this situation is not very common, it is very important because it reveals a potentially dangerous or violent person. Unlike the yin sapaku, this situation indicates a danger from withing the person, who is capable of harming others or himself. These people may have a hard time controlling their inner feeling, are can be capable of bad things, according to Japanese readings. Yang states come from ingesting too much meat, salt and hard cheese, and from taking part in violent situations.

It is said that Charles Manson has yang sanpaku, but I have never seen a picture of him where his eyes were not opened extremely wide where he looked sanpaku. The wife of Newt Gingrich, Callista, has the closest I can find to a true yang sanpaku eye.


A sanpaku state is a useful indicator of a situation that needs to be helped. A macrobiotic diet, relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga, and simply removing yourself from a negative situation are all good ways to start to remedy sanpaku eyes, and to help adjust yourself to a more healthy way of life. 

The Western world is full of stress--work, money, time constraints. Even young children are prone to sanpaku states. 

Some consider the yin sanpaku state beautiful and alluring--a come-hither type of bedroom eye.

But there is some medical evidence to support this idea. When we indulge in too much sugar, carbohydrates like wheat and white, processed foods, our bodies become acid and allow certain diseases to develop. If following a macrobiotic diet, or a diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, we alkalize ourselves and develop a more healthy and balanced system.

So take a look squarely at yourself in the mirror--are your eyes evenly centered? Or are you sanpaku?

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