Friday, January 31, 2014

Experiment Results ~ Do Our Thoughts Create Energy?

My last post asked for volunteers for a Reiki experiment. The brave souls who accepted the challenge ranged from 30 years old to almost 60 and were all female, including the one Bernese mountain dog. I am related to two of the volunteers, and very close to another. Several of the others I do not know. All names have been changed to protect the innocent.

If you read my last two blog posts, you know that the experiment started because I received Reiki when feeling under the weather. After the session I felt terrific. The practitioner and I were in the same room, and the session lasted a little under an hour. Although I have been certified in Reiki for years, I never used it, but the session made me reconsider. I looked up Reiki on the web, and pulled out my old information to refresh my memory. 

My brief searches showed me information on energy, homeopathy, water memory, and ultimately the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his mystical work that brings science and spirit together in his book The Hidden Messages in Water...but more on that later. 

The Reiki in my experiment was done remotely, using a power symbol that acts as a bridge between the practitioner and receiver. I won't show you the symbol because as a practitioner I was instructed to keep the Reiki power symbols private as asked by Usui many years ago. The first volunteer, Pearl, allowed me to do Reiki three separate times. The first time I did not tell her what time I would be sending, and she asked ME about the time, and was accurate.
(Hey! Did you try some Reiki on me last night some time between 10 and 10:30?)

Actually--I had.

I asked her if she felt anything, and this is what she told me: Some point in that time frame(in bed trying to fall asleep)... All of a sudden I was surrounded by green (healing) energy. It was just there. When I do my own version of healing work I have to put some effort into it so I knew it wasn't me. It was a different shade of green--it was super neat!

This was very exciting to me! It seemed to be working, and she asked me to do it again the next night--here is what she told me:  Ok. This was a little different from last night. First I felt warm. Not uncomfortably so, just like the sun had come out and I was lying in a sun beam. Then I felt(?saw?) a half cylinder of white energy descend over me. As it came down I could see bands of green and dark blue(indigo?) and blue green ripple through it.
The cylinder "landed" and everything washed out green for a bit. Then some dark blue/indigo/purple washed down over my head. Next everything washed out to white and I felt like I was hearing some one say "peace" several times. As that faded, I thought about you and how grateful I am to have you as my cousin and I got a burst of yellow. I had been lying on the couch...when I got up I felt motivated? rejuvenated? I guess able to take the energy that had been getting channeled into stress and redirect it into productive things. Whatever the colors mean, this works for me! Thank you!!

I was of course excited about this, but I wanted to remain skeptical because there were many others in the experiment that could say not a thing occurred. This was one person, and we are related and could have some type of connection that allowed this type of thing to happen more easily. Pearl and I ended up chatting for a while as I told her what my impressions were as I sent the Reiki to her. There were several places on her body that seemed to need help, so I told her. Yes--she confirmed--the places I had mentioned were troubling her. It seems the Byosen* scanning that happens during a Reiki session helped me see the areas that needed help. We talked more and I sent more Reiki later that week to a meeting with her son's school that she would normally feel very uncomfortable about. She said not only did the meeting run smoothly, but the participants listened to her and seemed to have open minds. She was surprised and again I was happy.

Participant number two was Diamond the Bernese mountain dog. She had extensive surgery on her leg the day before, and seemed to be in pain, was shaking, and could not find a comfortable position to rest. Her owner was concerned because she had the surgery on the other back leg two years before and had a very hard time. I sent Reiki and her owner called back almost immediately and said she stopped shaking, walked in a circle and promptly fell asleep.

Next on my list was Silver. I spoke with her earlier in the day and was told she felt awful and doubted anything would help. She told me:  I'm just beginning to show the earliest signs of menopause and sometimes feel like I'm going to start my period but it's not my body is struggling to do so. I loved having her in the experiment because she would have no problem telling me if not a single thing happened. I gave each person, including her, ten minutes worth of Reiki. When I called her she said she felt much better, and told me at 1:25 her period came--almost exactly in the middle of the session.
Another interesting thing happened as I was "beaming" her Reiki, I felt like I wanted to turn around, and send the Reiki in another direction. I also wanted to cover my eyes with the back of my hands while sending.

Silver also said I could continue my experiment, and send Reiki at random times and see if anything changed or felt different. One of the sessions had her feeling antsy the next day, and very restless--feeling like maybe it was a purge. The next day she felt fine.

Another volunteer was Goldy. She was out while I was sending. When I asked her how she felt she told me: You know, I actually do feel really good. Went to the chiropractor today (actually just got back), and I was like bouncing...and told her that I have no pain at all...! I think it worked!! LOL We're doing 2 week appt's now instead of thank you!!!

Emerald, another volunteer, was having extreme pain in her knee. She called me DURING the session and asked: What did you do?! I told her I was sending Reiki as we spoke, and she said the pain was GONE. (Two weeks later the pain is still absent.)

Topaz could not sleep for several nights before the session. She was feeling a great deal of stress during the day also. During her biology class the next day I began sending her remote Reiki. She finally fell asleep--during class! (sorry)--but managed to get all the notes she needed. She feels she continued writing even as she slept.

I beamed Crystal after I got her permission, and heard she had no problem waking up in the morning the next day--which is normally a terrible time for her.

I wish I had more people to continue this experiment. I felt this would help me either debunk the idea of Reiki, or give me more insight into it. It has done even more. It has made me believe that energy and intention can truly affect us, and that we need to change the way we are thinking.

Dr. Emoto, who wrote the book I mentioned briefly earlier in the blog, also feels the same way. His amazing experiments show how thoughts and intentions have a direct impact on something as simple as water. He labeled a jar of water with the words LOVE and GRATITUDE and another with YOU FOOL. When this water was frozen, crystals formed and he took pictures of them with a microscope. The crystals that formed from the LOVE jar were beautiful, NO crystals formed at all from the YOU FOOL jar. In another experiment the water exposed to the phrase YOU MAKE ME SICK formed no crystals, and looked very similar to a man holding a gun.

Dr. Emoto feels words are an expression of the soul. He writes that in Japan "it is said that words of the soul reside in a spirit called kotadama, or the spirit of words, and the act of speaking words has the ability to change the world."

The water in these jars were exposed to no spoken words, but the intention behind the words was clear, and the energy of the intention affected the water in the jars. Dr. Emoto's book is beautiful and I hope you read it.

I feel Reiki works in a similar way.

Although the energy that is sent during Reiki is from a universal source, I hope I am sending good and pure intentions that will help the recipients. :)

*Byosen scanning: a method of scanning a person in their energy field, done with palm towards body, starting at the crown, and running downward over clients body. Areas of "dis-ease" may be felt as heat, cold, tingling, or just something different from the rest of the body. These areas may need to be treated with Reiki.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Psychic Experiments--Your Participation Wanted

I've been thinking a lot about "energy" since I had a Reiki session last week. I had been feeling poorly and could not figure why. The Reiki session made me feel considerably better and energetic for a brief time, but by the next morning I felt unwell again. The general feeling of discomfort eventually became a pain in my tooth, and after a dental appointment was told I had an abscess and needed a root canal or extraction.

Of course there was some pain, but oddly enough I needed no medication through the whole weekend until the appointment on Monday. I did not take any antibiotics, but I DID get Reiki several times during the weekend.

I wonder, did the Reiki actually help keep the pain at bay, or was it a case of a placebo effect--mind over matter.

I love to think that we can send energy or prayers to loved ones when they are in pain and make them feel better and help--but I can't help but have a healthy dose of doubt whenever I think about it.

So I want to do an experiment. I would like to have some volunteers to either think of something and try and transmit it to me, or I can think of something and transmit it to you--though "energy". Another thing that can be done is you can tell me what part of your body is in pain or uncomfortable and I can send Reiki long distance, since it is taught that you can send it miles and miles away with the same effects, (I am a certified practitioner) and see if any relief is felt.

I am not trying to see if I have any psychic abilities, I would like to see if we can cause energy to move with our minds.

At 1:30PM EST today 1-17-14 I will be sending Reiki to anyone who interested in taking part in the experiment. Please leave your name below to join in and a comment if you like--I will be very interested to know what you experience, if anything. Thanks ahead of time for your participation!

I'm excited! I'm looking forward to the images I receive from you!!

P.S. I heard that cigarettes, caffeine, fluoride, GMO foods, and being around negative people can squash our abilities to use our own psychic energy. Good luck avoiding those--and stay away from those psychic vampires!!