Witches Mojito, A Delicious Concoction with an Extra Dash of Moonlight


Day 96

Recipe for Love.
3 ounce of rum (can be spiced, coconut—anything—I like coconut) that has been left in the moonlight for three nights. If you leave it in the waxing moon, the person will notice you, if you leave it in the waning moon, the person will leave, if you leave it in a full moon the connection will last forever—whether you like it or not.
3 leaves of fresh mint
3 grains of salt
3 grains plus 1 tsp. of sugar
3 ounces of club soda or seltzer
3 ice cubes
3 tsp. lime juice
                                                                        3 tiny pieces of a fresh basil                                         
Put all ingredients in a metal or glass shaker (no plastic because it will steal the energy) and shake to a slow count of three with your eyes closed. Serve immediately.
Do not serve more than one person this drink—you would pay for that mistake for the rest of your life.

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