Thursday, January 16, 2014

Psychic Experiments--Your Participation Wanted

I've been thinking a lot about "energy" since I had a Reiki session last week. I had been feeling poorly and could not figure why. The Reiki session made me feel considerably better and energetic for a brief time, but by the next morning I felt unwell again. The general feeling of discomfort eventually became a pain in my tooth, and after a dental appointment was told I had an abscess and needed a root canal or extraction.

Of course there was some pain, but oddly enough I needed no medication through the whole weekend until the appointment on Monday. I did not take any antibiotics, but I DID get Reiki several times during the weekend.

I wonder, did the Reiki actually help keep the pain at bay, or was it a case of a placebo effect--mind over matter.

I love to think that we can send energy or prayers to loved ones when they are in pain and make them feel better and help--but I can't help but have a healthy dose of doubt whenever I think about it.

So I want to do an experiment. I would like to have some volunteers to either think of something and try and transmit it to me, or I can think of something and transmit it to you--though "energy". Another thing that can be done is you can tell me what part of your body is in pain or uncomfortable and I can send Reiki long distance, since it is taught that you can send it miles and miles away with the same effects, (I am a certified practitioner) and see if any relief is felt.

I am not trying to see if I have any psychic abilities, I would like to see if we can cause energy to move with our minds.

At 1:30PM EST today 1-17-14 I will be sending Reiki to anyone who interested in taking part in the experiment. Please leave your name below to join in and a comment if you like--I will be very interested to know what you experience, if anything. Thanks ahead of time for your participation!

I'm excited! I'm looking forward to the images I receive from you!!

P.S. I heard that cigarettes, caffeine, fluoride, GMO foods, and being around negative people can squash our abilities to use our own psychic energy. Good luck avoiding those--and stay away from those psychic vampires!!


  1. I told you the other day when we were talking about the time that I was taking a therapeutic touch was a series of 4 classes...a little strange, but interesting. We were supposed to do "long distance", I did it on my friends father, who was in the hospital....well, hours later, he is dead...I was devastated because I thought that I had killed him in some I didn't go to the last class. The teacher called me up and asked why I didn't make it to the last class...I told her what happened and she said that I had "helped him over to the other side"...geesh! That really wasn't something I wanted to hear. I never had the heart to tell my friend. Whether or not it was actually me or not, I have no idea. I love this sort of thing though...transferring energy with the mind...that would be so awesome!!

    I wish I knew about this a month or so ago...I've had bad sciatic pain, but I've been seeing a chiropractor which has helped I don't need any pain would have been a cheaper alternative...!!! :) <3

    1. Yeah Beth--that might be tough to deal with!! Don't blame you for being a bit skittish about it.
      The experiment is at 1:30PM today--tell me if anything happens!

  2. Hi! I was trying to post this on your blog, but I seem to be having a browser issue…or I’ve posted about 15 times now.

    Not sure how much of the Reiki session was my imagination or placebo, but I felt(?), saw(?), imagined(?) a play of and blue mostly. And a warmth, like being in a sunbeam. The next day I felt like I had a lot more motivation.

    Maybe this is like the changes they know happen when a person is hugged or why positive thinking does make a difference? Regardless, I'm game to try again!

    1. Thanks for sticking with it Terry! And for participating in the experiment. I'm happy to say everyone who did felt SOMETHING :) Glad it was so positive.

  3. Interesting blog post and concept. I'm curious to see your results post experiment. I tend to be a skeptic about these things, but I'm open to all things being possible. Looking forward to a follow up post and your findings!

    1. To be honest with you I think it is healthy to be slightly skeptical about almost everything. I also know I can't discount anything.
      Just gathering the results now--interesting stuff!!
      Thanks for stopping in :)


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