Thursday, December 11, 2014

Haunted Pictures

Haunted Candle, Demon, and The Lady ~ PHOTOS

These photos were all taken by me and seem to have manifested something paranormal in each.

This image was taken from an Edward Gorey book that I got for Christmas from a friend. When I was a child the image frightened me, so I planned to tell the friend of my childhood fear. The image in the book is black and white--my image is NOT. Now the picture scares me even more.

None of my images are enhanced, highlighted, altered or changed in ANY way except to crop for size.

This image was taking while driving home in the fog during the winter. Notice the woman-shaped figure in the tree trunk.

The next image was taken on Gallows Hill Road in Cranford, New Jersey. I aimed my iPhone toward the spot that used to contain a gallows, and is purportedly one of the most haunted locations in NJ. When I took the shot, I accidentally took two pictures, the first one contained this green, demonic face, and the second showed nothing. Please tell me what YOU see.


  1. These are really fantastic, Penelope. On the last shot, I'm seeing three light green spots, and two lines intersecting, and one somewhat light orange or red dot on the far left, and one more spot that's hazy where the lines intersect. The demonic image is above and to the left of the green dots, but it's really fuzzy to me. I don't know if that's what everyone else sees.

    1. Thanks Lorelei :) Yes--if you click the image it remains the same size but is put onto a black background and the weird green "face" is much easier to see.


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