Friday, March 13, 2015

Hey Karma, You're Slacking Off

We've all heard the saying "karma is a bitch".

I have to say that I don't think karma is doing a very good job at being a bitch lately. 

I know people that have been doing nothing but good for others for years, and are having nothing but problems. On the other side of the coin, there are so many jerks out there getting nothing but a free ride while they take advantage of everyone and everything.

Come on karma, what's the deal?

Have you gotten soft in your old age? Or have you become somewhat of a hippy, and taken a more live and let live stance on things?

Well, I think you need to step up to the plate. If you see a virtual Mother Theresa helping the poor or healing the sick--DO SOMETHING! Let that person win the lottery--not JLo's mother who won over 2 million dollars in Atlantic City.

Really karma, you're being a dick. 

The God helps those who help themselves thing is not working anymore. It seems you can help yourself and everyone that you know, and the first thing that will happen to you will be BAD. The saying No good deed goes unpunished seems to be more par for the course these days.

Yeah, yeah, Bernie Madoff got busted and thrown in jail and he was a bad guy, but I feel about him what they say about spiders, if you see one there are at least 100 in the same house that you can't see. He just happened to trick someone in a higher position than himself. The zillions of small-time shysters are getting away with things every minute, and because they are smaller and nobody important is getting shysted, they just keep on flying under the radar. 

The world needs help, and karma is not helping anymore.

THIS is how karma should work--CLICK HERE.

I liked the good old days when you did something good and you felt there was something bigger on your side. Now I feel like no one is watching to make sure you do the right thing--and if they are, they are getting some kind of evil kick out of watching us struggle. 

So come on karma, honestly. We meant bitch in the best way possible.


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