Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Break in the Clouds

No one's life is perfect.  There are occasions we go through we would prefer to forget.  Sometimes it gets to us, and we don't know if the sun will ever shine again...or ever did in the first place.  We feel the cards are stacked against us, we are dealt a bad hand, got a raw deal, a tough break or maybe our choices are inauspicious. 

Once you start to feel this way, it is easy to slip into a bad luck rut.  We begin to use phrases like "just my luck."  So to snap ourselves out of it, we read books on happiness and getting in touch with ourselves.  We do affermations and visualizations, we take yoga and meditation classes, and start to ponder if this gloom and bad luck is just part of the package now.

And sometimes all it takes is a kind word or act to clear the clouds.

The month of September has brought many changes to me.  I decided to publish a book, and needed SO much help.  This was a frustrating and enlightening experience.  And I could not have done it alone.  I asked for help MANY times, and was not only assisted, but encouraged, taught and sometimes just chatted to.  Some of the people in an indie authors group of which I am a member were so kind, I did not know how to respond.  They offered words of encouragement and gave helpful answers.  One new friend seemed like a guardian angel, and I could not have published my book without her. 

I know the popular saying is that we are responsible for our own happiness, and this is at least partially true.  But I have to say, life is much better when you find people who support you, understand you and like you.  So do the part that is your responsibility and start to do something you love, because you never know if you really want to do it unless you START to do it. 

Then make sure you keep those special people that you are lucky enough to find along the way.  They help keep a little bit of sun in even the cloudiest days.


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