Monday, January 2, 2012

Selfish or Not? My Own Wishes

I was thinking of my New Year's resolutions and things I would like to do differently in 2012. I was thinking how I could be a better person and what I could do for others.  I was also thinking what I would wish for in 2012.

Of course I would like world peace, and an end to disease and hunger.  I wish for those things without even thinking any more.

But I found myself thinking in a new direction this New Year's eve.  I had my eyes screwed shut and I was wishing like a five year old right before blowing out the candles on a birthday cake.  I wanted stuff for ME.

I thought of a bigger house, a very sparkly pair of diamond hoop earrings, and a never-ending pass to a spa for pedicures and massages.  I want my son to do wonderfully in school, to have a peaceful relationship with my husband, to have a successful writing career, and my pets to vanish.  While we are at it, I would love someone to cook for me.

I am not a terrible person, it just felt so good to think about myself for a change.  And I let myself revel about this without feeling guilty.  It was great.        

I pondered this for a while.  I still want the bigger picture--no more war and hunger and pain, but maybe I will put my own wishes back in the picture just a little bit.  I think it is OK to conjure up some of that five year old magic for ourselves sometimes. 

What would be your three wishes?

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  1. Penelope, I love this post!

    My three "me" wishes:
    1) 6 more hours to every day.
    2) My body, the way it was 30 years ago.
    3) My brain, with all the knowledge I have now, but with the speed and accuracy it had 30 years ago.


  2. Thanks Sandy--I love your wishes. :) I'm adding them to mine too.

  3. It is never selfish to want to do things for yourself -- especially for a mom. Moms often give up their own wishes and dreams for the sake of their babies, so they deserve ALL the wishes in the world simply for that :)

    My 3 Wishes:
    1.) To be a successful published author.
    2.) To leave my day job and write full time.
    3.) To marry the man I love. (how sad is it that this one falls 3rd to my writing dreams? lol)


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