Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Puppy Love

I have loved animals since I was a very young girl.

I loved the idea of having a pet..a bird to sit on my shoulder like a pirate, a puppy to wag his tail when I came home, or a kitten to pet and stroke as it purrs. 

But my parents never agreed to these pets.  We ended up with endless fish (not interactive), and two gerbils (they bit and smelled very bad).

When I got married my new husband and I wanted a puppy.  I liked small balls of fluff and he wanted a manly dog to take on long hikes in the Watchung Hills and look respectable on walks.

We looked at Huskies, Labs, Chihuahuas, and plenty of others.  As puppies they are all adorable and troublesome, and we ended up with a yellow Lab we named Molly.  I knew instantly this was NOT the dog for me.  She was not cuddly, wanted to wrestle constantly, and I had to clean up after her every time the doorbell rang because she got so excited.  She loved everyone and she was the perfect companion for my husband and son.

And she was a good dog--we just never clicked.

My son wanted a Sheltie after we lost Molly.  I did not know who had the sadder eyes, my son, or the Sheltie--and Penny the Sheltie became our next dog. 

She's soooo smart.  She understands endless commands and will chase a ball or the sound of sirens if we tell her "go get it!"  She has a beautiful coat and is perfectly trained.

Then I met a tiny Chihuahua named Valentine. 

She is sassy, nippy, cuddly, and practically untrainable.  And for whatever reason I am in love with her.  She does practically nothing "right" according to puppy training books, has ears bigger than her head, and I am happier since I brought her home.

So I want you to know that all dogs are NOT the same.  You should pick the dog or pet that tickles you, the one that makes you smile, the ugly misfit at the pound you cannot leave behind because she pulls on your heart strings. 

You only live once.  Don't get a fashionable pet, or one someone else thinks is great--get the one you love.  :)


  1. Oh, man, I've wanted a dog for soooooo long! (Actually, I want a PACK so I can be PACK LEADER!) But my parents wouldn't let me have a dog and I've yet to live somewhere I *can*. It's just another (impossible?) dream I dream...

    Congratulations on your Valentine - she's really adorable. :-)

  2. Thanks Mina!
    I'm sure you will have your dog one day...
    I remember a friend's neighbor had a husky/wolf mix--it was big and beautiful. I bet you would have liked it.

  3. We always had a cat in the house when I was growing up. I thought I was a cat person, and was scared of big dogs. Especially Dobermans. Now I have two dogs, one of whom is a Doberman! She is my perfect dog-other! She is beautiful, loyal, protective, silly, has a wonderful smile, and people don't want to eff with her. The other dog is a little Yorkie, and he is such a lap dog! All dogs are different, Penelope, you are right.

    I dreamed that I should write a post about this topic just two nights ago. I woke up and was a bit puzzled, then wrote a post updating readers with what I've been doing as a writer instead. Glad the Muse got through to you; lovely post!

  4. Interesting about the Doberman, Aniko :)
    Sometimes the same thing happens to me with people--I am a bit put off or even scared of them, and they become best friends.
    And I cannot believe you have two dogs of such different size. They must get along or I could see it being quite a challenge.
    I guess I borrowed your Muse Aniko--or maybe there is just one Muse we all the fact it happened. XO

  5. What a cute dog! She doesn't look like my idea of a chihuahua.

    Nice timing with the article. We're getting a dog when I'm finished teaching this class and have more time. Definitely looking at shelters.

    My daughter has wanted a dog since she could say the word "dog." It's been a source of agony to her that we haven't gotten one. She is definitely a dog person, bum My husband and I are not so much, largely because we're busy. We have two cats and have had a string of hamsters and a pair of rats. (Rats are the next best things to dogs. Curious, friendly, smart little things.) I've killed many fish and have since given up on wet pets.

    But now that my older daughter has moved out, I think I have time and attention for a dog. Younger daughter is ecstatic and constantly sends me pictures from local shelters.

    i hope it's not all a big mistake...

    1. Oh good for you.
      Hang in there until you find the one you love.
      Rats? I would have never in a million years thought rats to be a nice pet--in fact I am a bit scared of them. (Probably a movie thing...)
      And I am with you on fish and the like. I do not like taking care of the tank *shiver*
      Good luck and post pix!! It will be a fun journey XO


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