Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vacation! Why Don't I Want To Go??

I'm organizing my bathing suits, clothes, makeup and snacks to head to the beach for the weekend.

Normally this is something I look forward to so much that there are a few days I can think of nothing else.  Sitting near the blue ocean with a book and a cool drink in the breeze intoxicates me and calls like a relentless telemarketer.

Not this year.

I'm thinking of the pictures I need to draw for a book I am releasing.  The short stories in my head are shuffling around.  And marketing and advertizing is on my mind.

This is WORK.

And I completely and totally love it.

I've had jobs I've liked before.  I've had jobs I had a talent for.  But nothing before THIS has happily consumed my life.  I write creepy stories and draw pictures that are equally odd.  I also get to indulge my inner-child by writing for kid's.

I am not making enough money to support my family yet, but things are slowly moving in the right direction.

Of course being an author is not for everyone.  Neither is being an artist and drawing picutres all day.  But it IS for me, and every single day I am grateful that I can do it.  It also makes me hope that I am raising my son in a way that will allow him to do what he loves, and get paid for it. 

You know that little voice, the one that says go do that thing...whatever that thing is for you, go do it.  Even if you only have 15 minutes a day to spare, DO THAT THING.  Your thing.

Of course I'll have fun at the beach with my family.  The ocean will be salty, blue, and inviting.  But for the very first time, I will be just as happy to come home and get back to my job. 

So listen to that tiny voice, maybe someday you won't want to go on vacation either. :)


  1. Already there, my friend. Have fun!

    1. Yay Red!
      We are in the same club!
      I am having fun--part of it is meeting such great people. ;)

  2. That's great to hear, Penelope. Hope you have a great time at the beach!

    1. Thanks Lorelei!
      So far it is the first day of the summer it is under 90--and it is also rainy and windy!
      BUT--having a great time despite the elements.

  3. Rushing with an open and happy heart to work I love doing is truly my dream as well. I'm glad you're there - hope to live on that plane of existence soon, too! :-)

    Enjoy your vacation!
    Some Dark Romantic

  4. I'm planing a trip to Kauai for early next year, and already daydreaming about it... and already wondering how I'll feel without blogging/blog commenting, writing, revising. :) As is so often the case, you and I are two peas in a pod. I love what I have day to day, but I also love the adventure and rejuvenation of taking off for a bit.

    Hope the beach is wonderful!

    And welcome home to the fulfilling life you've made for yourself!


    1. Thanks Aniko!
      I wish I could come with you--that is one of the places--along with France and Italy--that I have always wanted to go.
      It was so hard the first day! I had withdrawl--or something similar.
      I'm still checking things a bit and posting a bit, but not writing at all...although I did come up with a neat short story idea :)

  5. Loved this! I hear ya and I know that feeling. On the flip-side, it's getting out there in the world and living such experiences that fuels our creativity with new topics, characters, and settings (both in art and writing) - I have to remind myself of this constantly or I would stay put at the PC and become a TOTAL RECLUSE!

    Have a WONDERFUL TIME, my scribbling friend!
    xx, B

    1. It was so strange the first day--I was actually a little nervous!
      And you are totally right--we would have nothing to write about after a bit.
      And no becoming a TOTAL recluse allowed...

  6. I was so lucky. I had a job that paid me to write, read, and talk. Now that I'm retired, it allows me to write and enjoy life.

    Enjoy that vacation with your family! Lanny and I can never take another vacation together. It can end so quickly.

    1. You are so right Mari!
      One of my favorite saying is Don't Postpone Joy.
      I'm glad you are enjoying life too Mari.

  7. With the exception of the marketing and advertising, I'm in the same boat. LOVE my writing job. Just wish it was paying a little better. So glad you feel the same way.

    Of course, yeah, I love vacations, too. I had a good friend who used to say that you know you live in the right place when you don't mind coming home from vacation. You have applied it to also knowing you are doing the job.

    Have fun with writing and vacation.

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer's not necessarily horrific blog

    1. Someday Paul we will have help with the advertising, and our pictures all over Barnes and Noble and our names on the NY Times bestseller list. We won;t have to market because our books will have a life of their own. AND--we will never get writer's block.
      Thanks for stopping in! I'm sure you are a bit tied up these days :)


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