Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Absorbed and Anne Boleyn

My short story Absorbed is a dark tale featuring an overbearing and abusive boyfriend and his girlfriend Violet, who finds a beautiful but mysterious gift on her doorstep.

After reading Absorbed, my friend sent an email with a link to this painting by Tansy Myer.  It was recently featured at the Compound Gallery in Portland, Oregon, and was inspired by Vercor's novel, Anne Boleyn.

Myer painted Boleyn because "she was a strong woman, a rebel with convictions--and history, (written and manipulated by men) rarely looks kindly on that combination."

The painted stunned me because of remarkable congruences with my story Absorbed.

Lovely and terrible--hopefully just like my story.

Click pic and see Tansy's site------------->

Link to Absorbed below pic of Anne Boleyn---------->


  1. OMG! It really is freakily representative of your story! :O

  2. Personally, I love it. I bought Absorbed, but I haven't given it a read yet. How many words?

  3. Red--It's quite short--4500 words. Please tell me what you think.
    Heather--I thought so too! :)
    Intricate Knot--I love it too--creepy, haunting and pretty at the same time.


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