Sunday, October 27, 2013

Coffin Hop Day 4~~TELEKINESIS

Welcome to Day 4 of the COFFIN HOP!

The Stephen King movie Carrie is about a girl who discovers that she had telekinetic powers, but her mother thinks it is the work of the devil. Telekinesis, along with telepathy, psychokinetic abilities, the ability to levitate, and good old-fashioned mind reading are powers we all wish we could acquire.

Always buzzed about, but never quite legit, we think these abilities would help us, but we can't be sure.

There have been many studies to try and test mind reading and the other powers, but the results are vague to say the least.

It seems that some DO have supernatural abilities, but they are not something we can control...or are they?

Today we will do the Telekinetic Trial, and see if any of us have the ability to use our minds to move light. 

What you will need today is a candle or a flashlight. Place the candle or flashlight on a table with the beam either shining toward the ceiling or straight across the table.

Let the candle or flashlight glow for about 30 seconds to make sure there is no breeze to upset the flame, and ensure the battery is not dying in the flashlight.  Now for the next 30 seconds focus all of your thoughts and energy into changing the flame or beam. Make it move or make it brighter or dimmer.

If you are really feeling powerful, try and make it turn off or blow out. I did this experiment during the day, and even though I was in a dark room the feel was different from doing it at night. I will add the evening results tonight after dark.  Another version of this involves a pendulum, or even a necklace with a heavy medallion. Hold the necklace by the end of the chain, letting the medallion hang motionlessly over a table or flat surface. Ask it a question that you know the answer to, like, "
Am I a woman?"

Be patient, because in a few moments the pendulum will begin to swing in a specific direction...east to west, north to south, in a circle, or anywhere in between. If you know the answer to the question you asked is YES, you now know the pendulum will move in the same direction each time the answer to one of your questions is YES. Ask questions for NO, MAYBE, NEVER, or anything else you would like to add.

For some reason people have more luck with the pendulum than the candle or flashlight, but I would love to know what happens during your experiment.

**Scroll down for Day 1 and the Candle and Mirror Experiment, Day 2 for Evil Writing, and Day 3 for Weakening the Veil.  



  1. Now, this is one I can do without the feeling that I might be conjuring up something unwanted...!! I've always thought it would be neat to be able to move things with my mind, or mind read...

    I will try this one!!

    1. Oh good!!
      Tell me what happens!!
      I'm going to do mine again in the dark...

  2. This looks like fun! ... But I think the world is a safer place with a me who is unaware of any potential psychic ability. *cackles*

    - L.M. Murphy

    1. Ha! OK LM...I will have to believe you about that! :)

  3. I've swung a pendulum around a time or two...

    Hmmm. That sounds dirtier than I intended.

    Or does it? ;-)

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