Monday, October 28, 2013


Welcome to Day 5 of the COFFIN HOP!

When I was in my late teens I read a book called Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Being 19, I remember hating the book, but I became interesting in energy and perseverance and manifestation.

I meditated a little and used certain energy practices to help with my school work and blossoming career.

I also tried an experiment back then: I thought of something I wanted to manifest. I though of this thing many times a day and consciously focused on this item. It was a blue feather.

I don't remember why I chose the blue feather or if it held any special meaning back then.

I just remember the intense focus. I could see the feather as clear as a bell--the details of the soft downy sides and the Tiffany blue color.

Although I should have focused on something I needed or wanted, the blue feather probably seemed slightly magical and unusual.

By the end of the day I probably thought of that feather 100 times. I was very disappointed--no signs of a blue feather.

I went to sleep and woke the next morning to the sound of the paper being delivered on the front porch.  Reaching down to get it I noticed a small blue feather on the concrete next to the welcome mat. I picked up the feather and stared at it for a good long time. I kept it in my jewelry box for years. It unfortunately vanished about the time I moved into my new home.

Was this a coincidence? Probably. Or maybe not... I can't discount anything anymore. It could be one of those situations where you start thinking of something, for instance a white Acura because you are thinking of buying one, and for the next week the only car you notice is a white Acura.

I may have seen that blue feather the day before on the porch and made the experiment work in reverse...but there is no way I'll ever know. SO I am going to do it again starting now: I am going to think of something but I want YOU to tell me what to think of. I will choose from your suggestions and think of that thing for 24 hours and then see what happens. I hope you will try the Manifestation Experiment too. Then tell me what happens.

**Scroll down for Day 1 and the Candle and Mirror Experiment, Day 2 for Evil Writing, and Day 3 for Weakening the Veil.  



  1. Ooo, creepy experiment! So I can tell you anything to think about? Does it have to be an object, or can it be something like a feeling? I'll offer up both!

    1) A long-forgotten or seperated friend.
    2) And, in honor of your fab ETSY offering above, a raven (or blackbird). :)

    Nice to meet you via the hop! Best,


    1. Thanks EJ!! I love the idea of the raven, but since my last name is Crowe many people send me pix and images that have to do with the lovely dark bird.
      I do love the idea of the missing friend...that might do it!!
      I'll get back to you with my decision.
      Nice to meet you too!!

  2. Well, that's neat!! In Grade 2, my teacher was leaving, so she was giving away some of the decorations around the room. I really wanted this frog that had different coloured tissue paper all over it...I mean, I really wanted this thing!! So, we had to pick a number out of a hat...and I remember "thinking" about it really hard, that she would pick my number...and she did!! I remember being so excited that I'd "won" the frog....but, I don't know that I've ever tried it since. Maybe I should think about the next people who go through the house, will buy it!!

    As for what you should think about, maybe something small again, like a brightly coloured a blue one, or yellow or something like that...something that you might not normally see around, but that stands out, and could be real...

    1. Oh I love that story!!
      Ya know Beth maybe we should ALL think of the same thing!
      We could then see if it manifests for any of us...or ALL of us!!

  3. A silver earring. Not one you currently own. Not on someone's ear.

    1. Oooo Marie I like that idea too.
      Will you do this with us??

  4. A love letter. Not to you, but one you find discarded.

  5. I'm loving this series, Penelope!

  6. *LOVE* JLS. I have the Neil Diamond album and can hear it plainly: "Be/ As a page that aches for a word/ Which speaks on a theme that is timeless"

    Funny you should write about manifesting. Before I read your blog, I'd been thinking about my Nana passed away a year ago today and he said he had a Mass planned for her.

    Then I read this article, and it calls to mind Neil Diamond. MANIFESTATION. Bazinga.

    How? You ask? Because. I grew up believing Neil Diamond was my real father. :)

    1. OMG Ash!!
      I am starting to think less and less that a coincidence is just something to write off!!
      I love when this kind of thing happens...hope you have a great Halloween and thanks for stopping in!!


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