Saturday, October 26, 2013


Welcome to Day 3 of the COFFIN HOP!

The Evil Experiments will continue today with a quest for Weakening the Veil.

We hear that there is a thin shield that keeps the otherworldly at a slight distance from us. We are told that certain things help us see beyond this film, and even allow us glimpses.

Alcohol, meditation, séances, tarot cards, or any other form of divination allows what is over there, to come over here.

Orbs are supposedly an indicator of some type of activity from beyond. They appear in pictures and in videos that we take.

Some explain them as dust or other physical particulates, but others think they are unexplainable.  I have seen them as almost imperceptible glowing dots, and I have seen them as big as an entire photo.

Since we are told orbs are indicators of activity from behind the veil, and meditation can weaken the veil, I took photos in a dark room before and after meditation. You can also do this before and after you have a few glasses of wine...or do the Ouija Board but I would not recommend that...

Again--I don't like what happened. The before pic looks like me in a dark room...

The after picture looks, ummm, different.

Do you see anything weird? Different? Spooky? Manifesting?! Although I don't see orbs, I MIGHT see something else. I would love to know...tell me what you think. And do the experiment if you like and tell me what happens.

Have fun on your journey to the other side!!

**Scroll down for Day 1 and the Candle and Mirror Experiment, and Day 2 for Evil Writing.



  1. Ugh! I totally want to try these, but am scared as hell to do so. What do you say, coffin hoppers? Do we all descend upon Penelope's house to try all of these experiments out. I'll bring the wine!
    Hmm? Wait! Inspiration just struck me: a house full of horror enthusiasts, juiced up with alcohol, begin to dabble in the dark arts, bringing great evil upon themselves. There's a story there, right? We'll all do a chapter and have it ready for next year.. No? Okay, it is early. I'll just have more coffee. ;)


    1. OMG I LOVE that idea Jimmy!!
      Ya know seriously I think we should so something like it.
      Maybe not evil...maybe not my house!!! But something like it!!
      The Author's Experiments...FUUUNNNN!!!!!

    2. Which part are we doing? The gathering and the wine? The 50+ authors penning a chapter each about what could happen...? I actually just took part in something... Nope. I'm not supposed to say. It's still a secret. You'd have to pour some wine into me first to get me to spill it. ;)

    3. AAAHhhhhh!!!
      I am dying to know!!! You are leaving me hanging!!
      Ohh wish I was invited to that!!
      ANd yes...the wine AND the writing...too fun!!! Let's do it!!

  2. Oh goodness...yes, that second picture does look something is manifesting around you. Interesting.

    I used to have a picture (taken in daylight) of my ex's aunt and I sitting on a light coloured as day, there was an orb sitting beside us...and another picture that my sister took at the church on the day of my daughter's baptism showed hundreds of orbs just hovering about near the big chandelier...I'm not sure if they are dust particles or what, but I used to say that she had a lot of visitors to see her get baptised that day...

    1. Oh Beth that is so neat.
      I wish I could see these pix!!
      No Bible camp today...

  3. I believe I see teeth in the bottom right hand corner.
    No way I'm trying this experiment.
    I know something follows me

    1. Teeth!?
      Good Lord Aspen that is all I need!
      Yikes...what follows you...

  4. Waaaaa! All I see is a completely black picture in the second frame. The first frame has just a faint glimmer of something. I wonder what's wrong!

    I might actually try this, since I do sort of meditate (I'm not sure that's the right word -- "nap" might be better, though I often don't sleep, just zone out). However, i don't know that I want to do it in my own house. If there are "others" living here, I don't want to know about it.

    1. Oooo do it Marie and tell me.
      I see the same black if I look from the phone.
      Try on computer.

  5. The 2nd photograph, I think I can see an interesting semi-circle bottom right - like something caught in movement, perhaps ....

    1. I see something there too...not sure what.
      But the second shot surely looks different.


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