Friday, December 2, 2011

Alter Ego

I was tweeting with a fellow author today and I remarked that I loved her avatar.  She told me it was her alter ego.  I responded by saying I thought everyone needed an alter ego.  And I meant it.

I don't mean alter ego in terms of dissociative identity disorder, or even leading a completely double life.  I was referring to a second-self, another side of us that we use in certain situations. 

Although I don't have an alter ego like Superman, writing under a different name allows me the freedom to be as dark and twisted as I want.  I don't have to worry about my name being attached to horror, and then try to sell a children's book under my real name.

And I like having an alter ego.  It kinda makes me feel cool--which is not what I am.

Please read about me, my books, and my alter ego in Laura Yirak's blog Dreams of Diamonds.


  1. Knowing "both" authors, I am thrilled that others are finally getting to experience the talent that I've seen for what eons. Dea/Penelope's creativity and artisitic genius are undeniable. Looking forward to what comes next!!! The interview by Laura Yirak was great -- loved to get that insight. And, can't agree more about the alter ego....I think I need to let mine out more.

  2. Thank you Tin Can :)
    And yes! That alter ego Cornelia needs to see the light of day!! Haha!!

  3. I too have an alter ego also and yes it allows me to express myself with no boundaries.
    Much Love to you, Peace, Health and happiness, I wish U enough xoxo

  4. So nice to see you here!!
    Love to you too miss :)
    We have to talk...


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