Thursday, December 1, 2011

December and Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It's December!  The most wonderful time of the year!

Kids are being extra good, town centers are pretty from holiday lights and decorations, and everyone is getting excited to be with loved ones.

It is also the time of year of TERRIBLE SWEATERS.  People will wear just about anything as long as it is green or red, or has something Christmas-ee on it. 

This puts us all on the same playing field as far as fashion goes.  Sure you can still wear $200 jeans, but if your sweater has floating Santa heads on it, you are just like the rest of us who are sucked into the bad holiday sweater vortex. 

After a suggestion that our Christmas party this year should have an ugly Christmas sweater dress code, I looked on eBay and was floored at the amount of heinous sweaters available.  I saw ice skating cats, light up moose-heads with tinsel, and a strategically placed angel so YOUR head would be the angel's head.

I have chosen my Ugly Chistmas Sweater for my party this year, and put a few samples over there. ------>  Click on any one--they are all for sale on eBay...really.

Please send me any pix of really good ugly sweaters you find and I'll post the extra-terrible ones at the end of every day!

Happy Holdiays everyone!!  :)


  1. We have one of these to attend on Dec. 17th... have you seen the pic Ellen posted??

  2. Ahahahaha!!! Oh can this be a real picture--or a set up! Too good! Thanks thanks thanks!! :) Something tells me this may be posted!!


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