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Welcome to the Holiday Hop!

Happy Holidays everyone, and welcome to the Holiday Hop!

 During this magical time of year it is lovely to visit with dear ones, and make some new friends along the way.  :)  After your visit here, make sure you click the HOP BUTTON---------------------------------> and stop by and see other author's blogs for wonderful holiday prizes, fun contests, and of course some good reading.

I have two simple contests.  Please answer questions in comments below:
1.  If Santa had a back-up reindeer in case one needed a break, what would he or she be named, and-

2.  If you could write the next Christmas or holiday classic, what would be the title, and briefly, what would it be about?

One winner will get a $25 Amazon card and the other a $25 Barnes and Nobel card. You can enter either contest or both!   These two winners will then be put in a grand prize drawing for a KINDLE FIRE! 

If you would like a copy of one of my books, 100 Unfortunate Days, the very dark memoir,  The Moon is No Place for a Ghost, fun kid's book or short bloody story Absorbed, please tell me what title you prefer in the comments, and leave me your email address. 

Have a delightful holiday and Happy Hopping!!


  1. First off, I LOVE your cover for "The Moon is No Place for a Ghost"! FANTASTIC!!! And I just downloaded the sample for 100 Unfortunate Days. I can hardly wait to get home to read it!

    So Santa's backup reindeer... I'm thinking that since it's night, maybe Apollo's horses need a moonlighting gig to make ends meet, and, really, they're the only other ones to be able to cover the span of the globe in a 12 hour period... So I think the backup support would need to be Pyrois.

    And now that I'm thinking this way, that might be my Christmas classic, too. "Apollo, Inc." It would be about the Sun God having to take over Christmas and it all taking place over the course of a day instead of night.

    Huh. Well. Who would have thought... Look at the ideas bubbling over insideth my braineth! :)

  2. Love it!! Pyrois!!
    And thank you--Christine DeMaio Rice did the cover, I love it too. :)

  3. i'm with blog hop
    1)girl reindeer named frost
    2) santas daughter would take over his job and make friends to help her and get a boyfriend
    i'd like the ebook "the moon is no place for a ghost

  4. o you can reach me at

  5. 1. Canter, she's Dancer's cousin. No one talks about her because of some trouble she caused at the first annual reindeer games. She wanted Rudolph to play and no one agreed so she took some...action.

    2. If I could write the next holiday classic is would be about a little white cat with blue eyes. He would only show up during the holidays and he would appear to just be underfoot when in reality he's doing his best to make people's Christmas Miracles come true because he's actually a person trapped inside the body of a cat until he fulfills a set number of Christmas miracles. And because I'm crap at titles I'd probably call it something dorky like Catscratch Christmas.


  6. 1. Flash- He's quick and his whole body lights up. :-)Was gonna say flasher but didn't sound right.

    2. I just finished a christmas story. "A Christmas Crossing." Not your typical christmas read but I've had amazing reviews! Check it out at my blog.h

  7. The new reindeer's name would be Bob! My husband calls anyone he doesn't know Bob and wants to name everyone Bob...funny family thing here. Hmmmm...that may be funny just to us. Anyhoo...

    A new Christmas about a vampire (since they are so popular) who wants to live a normal life and his wish comes true on Christmas because he believes!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  8. Backup Reindeer would be named NoElle.

    A Christmas Story would be about reuniting with that love from long ago. Forgiving past mistakes and moving forward only to find out that the one needing to be forgiven would die before they could reunite completely. Would probably be a tearjerker... Would call Home for the Holidays.

  9. 2. If you could write the next Christmas or holiday classic, what would be the title, and briefly, what would it be about?

    Hey Pen - A lawyer would sue santa for false promises.

    Get me the moon - kiddo :)

  10. My backup reindeer would be named Stella because I'd love to hear Santa yell, "Hey, Stella!" like Marlon Brando in A streetcar named desire.

  11. My Christmas story would be called COOKIES FOR KRIS KRINGLE and would feature a spunky baker who's lucky in business but not so lucky in love. Until she becomes infatuated with a young, hunky shopping center Santa and starts baking cookies for him, delivered anonymously by a mall runner. Can she find love during the hectic holiday season?

    Of course, my mind travels to a zombie outbreak and baker chick being holed up in the mall fighting the undead with bags of flour and metal spatulas. In today's market, it could reach classic status....

  12. My backup reindeer's name would simply be Bruce. Why? It's the first name that popped into my head. I just picture this massive, muscular, bad ass..."Hey, someone call for a backup..." and then Bruce walks out through a haze of smoke to save the...night.

    My Christmas story would be called December 26th...and you guessed would be about the day AFTER Christmas. You know...we'd FINALLY find out what REALLY happens at the NP when the Christmas rush is over ;)

    If we get to choose a choice would be The Moon Is No Place For A Ghost. THX.

    Merry Christmas!

    barbbattaglia at yahoo dot com

  13. Thanks for the chance. My backup reindeer would e called Blizzard. In keeping with the Christmas Spirit.
    My story would be called Christmas Wish. It would be about a girl meeting santa and getting her wish come true.


  14. 1. My back-up reindeer would be named Gromit. I figured his name would have to rhyme in order for the songs and poems to work. He'd have to be Comet's replacement though.

    2. My story would be called "North Pole Soul", and it would be about a band of Elves who play the blues and long to be world famous musicians.

    Happy Holiday Hopping!!

  15. I'd name my reindeer Snow

    I'd write a story titled A Reindeer of a Different Color about a pure white reindeer.

    If I could choose a book I'd Choose The Moon is no Place for a Ghost.

  16. Really cool contest idea! I like your site a lot too (I swear I'm not buttering you up).

    1. It's a little known fact that Santa *does* have not one, but many back up reindeer. The "second string" if you will. The captain of this second string--and most oft called in for duty--is Scampers. But don't be fooled by his name; he received it after scampering over the bodies of his competitors. He's bad a**.

    2. My dark Christmas classic would be entitled, *Night of the Pine* wherein all evergreens pull themselves free of their root systems and lead an attack on the North Pole. That jolly tyrant Santa Claus must be punished for heading the largest conifer genocide in the history of the world!

    (Sorry...I'm a horror writer. Couldn't help it.) :-)


  17. Oh my gosh these ideas and names are AMAZING! I did not know what I had in store for myself. I already love so many guys are awesome.

  18. This is fun! Cute idea!
    1. Plan B -- just couldn't make the first cut!
    2. I'm a huge horror fan, so I think I'd do a dark take on Jingle Bells...called "Slashing through the Snow" - about a family that is hijacked by an evil serial killer while en route to visit grandma for the holidays.

  19. Hi Penelope! Santa's reindeer would be named Kiko..."spot" in Hawaiian because he'd be a freckled reindeer that doesn't lose his baby spots and gets teased by all the others. My Christmas or holiday classic would be called "Frosty Frankenstein" about a snow-monster constructed by an evil child scientist.

  20. My back up reindeer would be entitled Grinchy. lol. Just cause I think it would be funny. :)

    Wow, it would be called a fathers love at Christmas time. Telling all about how much a father loves his daughter and is willing to do anything to ensure that she is safe and happy in her home. even killing someone. As the story goes on seh has to be willing to forgive him for attempting to murder the one man that loves her and wants to marry her.

    Would love to read 100 unfortunate days or whichever has a romanctic twist to it. ;)

  21. Ohhh, these are so great!!
    Please everyone that wants a book leave an email address for me or else I cannot get it to you!
    Christina--my stories have no romance--they are verrry dark. Just a word of warning :)

  22. For some Scavenger hunt fun, follow me to my Holiday Hop! Come on! Let's have some hoppin' good fun!

  23. 1) Santa's 10th reindeer's name would be Charles (second-string reindeer have second-string names :-P).

    2) My new Christmas Classic would, of course, have to be called "Charles' Story" and document Charles' intense training regimen and Santa's selection process.

  24. Well being as it would be a "back up " reindeer his name would be Ford, this being the case because all the other good reindeer names have already been taken. The book would be about Ford and how he came in fill in on Christmas for Santa seeing as how not only Vixen had needed a break but her diva self was missing in action and Ford would either have to figure out where she was sunning herself or what had happened to the reindeer who was never without a date.

  25. Well being as it would be a "back up " reindeer his name would be Ford, this being the case because all the other good reindeer names have already been taken. The book would be about Ford and how he came in fill in on Christmas for Santa seeing as how not only Vixen had needed a break but her diva self was missing in action and Ford would either have to figure out where she was sunning herself or what had happened to the reindeer who was never without a date.

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  27. randolph--rudolph's missing twin
    The story of randolph with his big red....well, i'll leave it at that.

  28. My backup reindeer would be named Snuffle. He'd have a red nose too, but his would be easily explained. :)

    My Story would be "A Pinch of Holiday Magic". A bakery sells enchanted baked goods.

    For the book I would choose 100 Unfortunate Days.


  29. 1. Moose - cause he's a BIG guy :)

    2. The True Story of Coal, it would be a different take on how Santa fell for a practical joke and coal is his way of pranking others back by leaving it behind when they've been naughty (practical jokers)

    The book I'm interested in is The Moon is No Place for a Ghost and my email is richnkathy718(at)msn(dot)com

  30. My backup reindeer would be called Starlight, cause she would be a shining star.

    My story would be name The Last Minute Miracle. Children who thought they wouldn't be getting any presents because they were too poor receive an anonymous donation with every toy their heart desires.

    celjla212 at aol dot com

  31. 1. I would call him Randy, Rudolph's naughty cousin.

    2. Mine would be called Toe Smashers, about renegade elves that go around smashing people's toes with little hammers if they are naughty. Weird I know!

    My email is


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